Vintage Trailer Restoration

Structural & Cosmetic:


​Below are lists of  some of the different areas of repair/restoration services we offer: 

EXTERIOR:  Doors, locks and seals, windows, hardware and seals, roof vents, and seals, front hoist, coupler and lock mechanism, entry step, seams and joints, dent removal and aluminum skin repair or replacement.  

RUNNING GEAR:  Frame, axles, springs, bearings, seals, hubs, brakes, tires, wheels and hub caps. 

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:  110 volt lights and outlets, 12 volt interior lights, tail lights, running lights and turn signals, electric brakes, break-away switch, battery, interior fans and converter.

INTERIOR:  Woodwork, cabinet doors, hinges and latches, counter tops, cushions and mattresses, upholstery, floors and floor coverings.

LP SYSTEM:  Gas lines (check for leaks and repair), LP tanks, (steel and aluminum), OPD compliant valves, gas regulators and pressure adjustment, LP pigtails and hoses.

APPLIANCES:  Range and oven, furnace, water heater, refrigerator, (clean and repair as needed or replace).

SPECIAL ITEMS:  Air conditioner, awning, microwave oven, TV antennas and others.

PLUMBING SYSTEM:  Water lines, drains and traps, kitchen sink, tub/shower, toilet, lavatory, air pumps, water pumps, water intake valves, faucets, fresh (potable) water tank, sewer (black) holding tank, waste (gray) holding tank, gate valves and sewer hose adaptor.